Instagram is undoubtedly the fastest growing social media network today. In just 5 years, Instagram has managed to amass over 400 million active users monthly. No wonder internet marketers are rushing to advertise on the platform. Although Instagram is an effective marketing tool on its own, there are many tools that can make your marketing efforts on the platform more fruitful. In case you’re looking to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, look no further. Below are top 10 tools that are bound to set you apart from your competition on Instagram.


1. Archie (of course) is an automated tool that attracts Instagram users to your profile by engaging with them on other social networks. Archie has the capabilities of knowing your ideal kind of users. The tool searches for photos bearing tags matching your interests and likes those pictures from your account. This makes people visit your profile. If they like you (which is usually the case because you have matching interests), they’ll follow you back.


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2. Piqora

Piqora stands out for letting you know the images and hashtags that are most ideal for your audience. This capability ensures your images get maximum visibility. Piqora goes further and provides unique hashtag analytics offering you crucial insights into which users are utilizing hashtags as well as how influential those individual users are. Piqora is definitely a great Instagram tool for identifying and following Instagram influencers in your target niche. Piqora also lets you know the images that are attracting the most comments and likes. Such information is crucial for crafting better Instagram marketing strategies.

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3. Crowdfire

 When marketing on Instagram, it’s crucial to know who unfollows you, especially when your number of followers keeps dropping. Crowdfire features in this list for offering a unique capability i.e. letting you know who has unfollowed you. The app also offers other unique capabilities such as helping you find inactive followers and new users. You can also track the impact of updates on your follow/unfollow statistics.


4. Schedugram

As the name suggests, Schedugram lets you schedule your Instagram posts easily. You can also manage your posts with the app using a single/bulk upload which allows you to plan ahead. The app also allows you to post directly from your computer. It gets better. The app also allows you to manage as well as post on multiple Instagram accounts from a single dashboard.


5. Iconsquare

   Iconsquare is a great Instagram marketing tool for many reasons. First and foremost, the tool allows you to search for posts using hashtag keywords as well as respond to comments. Iconsquare also enables you to view who your followers are following as well as the content that is generating the most comments and likes. You also get access to other unique analytics such as post distribution, talk and love rate.  

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6. Flipagram

This tool allows you to make great slideshow videos (photo video stories) on Instagram using a series of photos you have taken. Photo video stories attract a lot of attention (more than regular posts) making them great marketing tools. Flipagram is a great Instagram marketing tool for educating and engaging your followers on new developments.


7. Repost

Repost is a great marketing tool for appreciating your followers. Repost uses mentions to appreciate followers. Instagram users feel great when they are mentioned by brands/influences they follow or like. Repost is therefore a great tool for creating/enhancing the loyalty of your followers. In fact, the app is the best at doing this among many other things like highlighting user generated content.  


8. Pixlr

Pixlr stands out as one of the best (if not the best) Instagram image edition tools available today. This app stands out as a great Instagram marketing tool since image editing plays a huge role in attracting likes and comments. Pixlr also stands out for having numerous features and being extremely easy to use. For instance, you have access to 100+ effects, 280 overlays, 200 borders just to mention a few features.


9. Tagboard

Tagboard stands out for allowing you to discover as well as follow hashtags for purposes identifying the most sharable content. Tagboard is a great tool for finding the best content to share with your followers. Tagboard also offers other superior features like a content aggregation feature.

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10. Collecto

Your Instagram account statistics are crucial for crafting effective marketing strategies. Collecto gives you access to crucial stats about your Instagram account from visits to likes. Collecto also makes Instagram browsing more functional in many ways i.e. creating unlimited albums featuring popular posts. Collecto is definitely one of the best Instagram marketing tools of its kind.

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    1. I’m using archie and you have control over your page so it does not block your page its trusted give it a go !!

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