Social media is king and queen of the fashion world, and the social platform Instagram is especially important for anybody trying to build a successful fashion business.


One of the most important factors to successfully marketing your fashion business is creating a powerful and large social media following. These are our tips:

  • Use relevant hashtags on all of your posts. Usually, 4-7 tags is a good number to aim for. Also, look at trending tags in the fashion industry and cater your postings to those trends. To do that, you can check Tags for Likes.
  • Reposting, sharing, and commenting on other people’s post, particularly in the fashion industry, can be an incredibly effective technique used to build your following on Instagram. It’s also good to track your brand’s hashtag and repost your client’s shots, maybe in the form of a shoutout.
  • Use Archie to generate more engagement and find new users. It works specially well with fashion businesses.
  • Add a link in your bio and use link to shop in the bio” as your location. You can see this well implemented in Reformation’s Instagram.
  • When creating posts only add genuine, true-to-life photographs, but make sure the pictures still allow you to shine a positive light on your fashion business and only use quality pictures. The most popular Instagram posts usually have a clean background, sharp focus, warm tones, and don’t include faces.
  • Watermark some of your images with your URL. It’s already hard enough to drive traffic to the site from the platform, so any effort in this way will result in more sales. If your followers regram your image, you’ll still get the credit!
  • Expand to other social media. If you’re not already on Pinterest, you definitely should be. This is a hugely popular social media platform for fashion inspiration… and most users are browsing the site looking for something to buy. To grow a huge following with almost zero effort, try the Pinterest bot Autopin – it will get you real followers by engaging around the site on themes you pick.

We hope you found the article useful. If you want to grow your instagram followers and clients, use our tool Archie.


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6 thoughts on “How to promote my fashion business on Instagram?

  1. Sponsoring local events in your area means you get promotion for your business, normally by a link on the event page, and sometimes through social media posts and other marketing material.

  2. Hi, My Name is Katherin Calderon, im a Fashion Blogger and i would like to have more information about your services, basicly what im looking for is to increase my social media traffic, engagement and all refered to it.


    Katherin Calderon

  3. I wanted to know if you’ve heard of this? It looks like an IG page, but when you put the curser over the image, the IG icon appears, once you click on it, another page opens up with all the details, picture(s) sizes, colors etc…and you can purchase it…. Have you heard of this?
    I am sure they use an ap, do you know which ap?

  4. Hi I am Yasar, english speaking portrait photographer in paris. its a bit hard to find potential clients as i am sure about the native french tags or the french way of communication. will it be useful if i subscribe to your channel?
    I shoot portraits and fashion.

    1. Hi, Yasar, great to hear from you!

      What you can do is only research the hashtags that would be relevant to your business and include them in your Archie dashboard. That’s all the work you have to do. After that, you sit back and watch how Archie likes pictures with those hashtags and draws the attention of the people who have used the hashtags to your profile. It’s simple, yet effective.

      Much luck with your photography business!

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