Archie’s brains are an automated marketing tool and it’s behaviour can lead to interactions with users that we don’t want to interact with.

When setting up a new account we ask for keywords related to your followers. These keywords are then used to track tweets/posts where they are mentioned.

If your keywords are too broad, your account might interact with posts that do not match your criteria, let’s see some examples:

Marie owns a digital marketing agency that specializes in brand and content marketing and she sets up the following keywords for her Twitter account:
social media marketing

As the keywords ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ might be too broad, as Archie will interact with tweets that are related to other types of marketing or to people casually speaking about ads.

The keywords ‘brands’ and ‘brand’ are also related to Marie’s business but can be used in many other environments. Think of a tweet saying ‘XXX is the brand I hate the most’.

On the other hand, ‘brand marketing’, ‘content marketing’ and ‘brand awareness’ are keywords that are niche enough to have a significant impact on Marie’s Twitter account.

To optimize your Archie account, have a look at Archie’s activity on the right side of the dashboard. There you will find live interactions and detect some activity that is not related to your interests. Also, next to the conversions you can see which keywords are having more conversions and which are not attracting new followers.

If you have any questions or need any help setting up your account, please find us at

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