Instagram was designed primarily as a mobile tool, so that’s where most interactions take place. Instagram wants users post in real-time but it doesn’t work for everyone at all times, if you own a brand or a shop you’ll probably want to edit your photo before posting it. If you’re using Instagram on a desktop, you can view Instagram content and interact with people you’re following, but you can’t upload anything. We wrote before about the sites available to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer, but none of these lets you schedule your content, so here you have the best options to schedule your Instagram posts:

#1: ScheduGram

ScheduGram saves you time by letting you upload and schedule images to post later to multiple Instagram accountsUnlike other solutions, you don’t have to have your phone on you at the time something is scheduled. Many brands and agencies look after multiple Instagram accounts. Posting images to different accounts no longer requires multiple devices or time-consuming repeat logins – you can manage them all through ScheduGram.

#2: Latergram



Easily plan & schedule your Instagram posts, choose between upload images from the web or phone and manage it from the web app or mobile app, Latergram also get scheduled images pushed to your phone.

You can collaborate with your team, more than one person can schedule and manage posts for multiple Instagram accounts. It also allows you to search in Instagram for posts and then quickly regram one.

#3: Onlypult




Previously known as, but they recently  got a warning from Facebook saying they can’t use the prefix Insta in the name of the site.  Here you can send your content to up to 20 accounts at the same time without the need to re-login every time. Onlypult doesn’t save any login or password information so you can rest assured your account is protected.

They also offer original filters, hashtags and a calendar for your posts.

#4: TakeOff



TakeOff automatically schedules your Instagram posts for times when they’ll be seen by most of your followers.It also smartly analyzes your caption to suggest relevant, highly discoverable hashtags. All this boosts your Instagram with more likes, comments, exposure and popularity.

In the app you can also find high quality, CC-licensed photo suggestions to keep your Instagram active and add clients or team members who help you review or create content for Instagram.


Remember, Instagram is supposed to be used “at the moment,” so don’t schedule everything. The people who follow you don’t expect you to be on Instagram all the time, but they do expect you to have a consistent posting schedule. Please share your recommendations in the comments.

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