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  • This Is How You Do Hashtags They are not going anywhere ever since Twitter came to life. Hashtags have only been more and more adopted by more and more platforms. And Instagram grew to be on top of that game not too long after hashtags were introduced on there. Right now, hashtags are by far the easiest way to get noticed on […]
  • All the Ins and Outs of the Instagram vs Snapchat Drama Instagram’s in it to win it, no matter the price. But hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game, right? So, let’s go over what exactly happened from beginning to end. It all was nice and fine until Instagram shamelessly copied what was arguably Snapchat’s most prominent feature – Stories, without even bothering to come […]
  • A Thing That Will Help You Work Smarter Not Harder on Social Media You’re in it with the big wheels now. You have a goal you want to achieve on social media and you’re committed to fulfilling it. But soon enough we all came to a realization that running a business online (no matter if it’s a personal or business brand) is much harder than it seemed when […]
  • How to Make Your Instagram Engagement Go Through the Roof It’s not exactly groundbreaking to say Instagram is where it’s at these days. Brands and individuals are using it tirelessly, trying to get every and any bit of attention they possibly can. So, it’s only natural that many, many people have been working on finding that perfect formula to get their posts to be loved […]
  • 6 Ways to Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, a small business or a huge brand, chances are you have competition you have to outsmart. The competition is tough in almost every industry – that’s a blessing and a curse internet has brought upon us. The rules of the market are set by the players, so learning about what are […]
  • How to Make a Great Video on a Budget It’s old news by now: videos are taking over social media. Everyone’s watching them, sharing them and, put simply, loving them. Naturally, businesses are looking for ways to take advantage of the craze. Indeed, there are quite a few ways you can implement videos in your marketing strategy and it doesn’t involve you breaking the bank. […]
  • 11 best social media & marketing podcasts to get hooked on today March is the trypod month, so we thought why not show some love and try a pod! If you haven’t been living under a rock chances are you’re familiar with podcasts. And they’re hotter than ever these days. Just think, how many times you’ve signed up for a course or a webinar already knowing you won’t […]
  • Top 10 Tools for Instagram Marketing Instagram is undoubtedly the fastest growing social media network today. In just 5 years, Instagram has managed to amass over 400 million active users monthly. No wonder internet marketers are rushing to advertise on the platform. Although Instagram is an effective marketing tool on its own, there are many tools that can make your marketing […]
  • Top 10 Twitter fails by big brands Here’s a list of the top 10 Twitter fails by big brands, which might make you feel tickled, yet vulnerable at the same time. #1 Qantas Airlines: They tweeted about the luxury services, aboard their new Luxury airliner. However, their punch failed to take off, since the company was grounded just a day before due […]
  • 10 brands that are killing it on Instagram When it comes to social media marketing, most brands are showing a relatively good understanding of how to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but the vast majority appears to be challenged by Instagram. This is because most companies tend to push their products and merchandise through Instagram instead of using it to interact with […]