• A Look at 8 of the Biggest Instagram Influencers and How Much They Make Have you ever wondered if you can make money out of using Instagram? We got two words for you: Instagram Influencer. You could even earn some cash by posting memes on it! For starters, Instagram Influencers are basically Instagram users who have carefully crafted their brand on the platform. They have built a significant follower […]
  • Instagram Rolls Out New Slideshow Feature Last week, Instagram announced that they are rolling out a cool new feature that lets users share up to 10 pictures and videos in a single post. It’s relatively easy to use and basically the same with how you would normally post. This short step-by-step guide can help you know more details. You can only […]
  • How Instagram Live Video Can Help Your Business Last year, Instagram launched its first foray into live-streaming with their Live Video feature on Instagram Stories. As of to date, it’s now used by over 100 million people. Instagram Live Video works pretty much the same as Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter, it lets you share candid videos in real-time. What makes it […]