• How to promote my fashion business on Instagram? Social media is king and queen of the fashion world, and the social platform Instagram is especially important for anybody trying to build a successful fashion business.   One of the most important factors to successfully marketing your fashion business is creating a powerful and large social media following. These are our tips: Use relevant […]
  • What is an Instagram shoutout? Now that Instagram is here with us in full force, it might be a good idea to look at some of the lingo that confuses so many users. While we all know everything about putting up pictures and having our accounts followed, there is a whole lot of jargon out there that users cannot make […]
  • Top 10 Twitter fails by big brands Here’s a list of the top 10 Twitter fails by big brands, which might make you feel tickled, yet vulnerable at the same time. #1 Qantas Airlines: They tweeted about the luxury services, aboard their new Luxury airliner. However, their punch failed to take off, since the company was grounded just a day before due […]
  • 10 brands that are killing it on Instagram When it comes to social media marketing, most brands are showing a relatively good understanding of how to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but the vast majority appears to be challenged by Instagram. This is because most companies tend to push their products and merchandise through Instagram instead of using it to interact with […]
  • How to correctly setup Archie’s keywords Archie’s brains are an automated marketing tool and it’s behaviour can lead to interactions with users that we don’t want to interact with. When setting up a new account we ask for keywords related to your followers. These keywords are then used to track tweets/posts where they are mentioned. If your keywords are too broad, […]