Annie Harold
  • Do some people really make a living posting memes on Instagram? When we were asked this question as kids, many of today’s most lucrative and accessible jobs could not even be imagined yet. Stores devoted entirely to screen repair, app developers and social media marketers didn’t exist, let alone the technology that requires and supports them. A few of us have experienced that special combination of […]
  • Is Instagram Changing The Way We Eat? “Foodie” was once a label reserved for hipsters who each cared more than the next about where their chicken came from, what it had been fed, and if it had been happy during its life. Foodies were mocked for being snobby, picky, and on the whole, way too obsessed with their dinner. These days, we’re […]
  • #Kush4Sale: How drug dealers are getting away with it on Instagram You might have heard whispers a few years back about the shocking ease of buying illegal drugs from complete strangers over Instagram. And you probably assumed that it would be a short-term run, right? Wrong. Totally wrong.  Well, there have been a few attempts to clean it up. The DEA teamed up with the FBI […]
  • How Instagram is transforming the art world What is art? In 18th and 19th century Paris, a rather snobby jury would sit down every two years and settle the question, choosing who and what would get displayed in that year’s salon. Even painters who we now consider masters, like Manet and Courbet, were routinely iced out and even ridiculed. A seriously tough crowd. Eventually, […]
  • How to Market Your Tattoo Business on Instagram If you’re a tattoo artist, you’ve correctly chosen the absolute best social media platform for promoting your business. Instagram is a purely visual tool, and its users are all about exploring new aesthetics. Instagram can definitely help you promote your business and reach more clients. Here are some tips for doing it right: 1. Use […]