Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, a small business or a huge brand, chances are you have competition you have to outsmart. The competition is tough in almost every industry – that’s a blessing and a curse internet has brought upon us. The rules of the market are set by the players, so learning about what are your competitors up to is perhaps the most important task you have.steal traffic from competition

It’s only natural if you are looking for ways to redirect some of your opponents traffic over to your content, no shame in that game. We’re even going to help you do that. Here are a few steps you should take to do just that:

  • Do your homework. Before you’ll be able to do anything tangible, you’ll need to research the market. Figure out who are the key players you want to focus on. Don’t necessarily focus on the biggest fish in the sea, it’s more important to see who’s the most similar. Those are the guys you’re running against.
  • Now’s the time to one-up them. Focus on figuring out what’s the thing they’re lacking. Are they not responding to comments? Are they using relevant hashtags? Are they including location in their pic? Are they doing contest and/or giveaways? How often are they posting? All of these could open potential space for you to jump in and provide that extra bit of value they’re not giving.
  • Use Archie to automatically interact with your competitors’ followers. Archie has this feature called “super targeting” which is as simple as you putting in the accounts whose followers you’d like to leverage and the system takes care of getting their attention on you. In other words, you just tell Archie who are the people whose followers you want and it goes ahead and makes that happen for you. You’ll be interacting with them completely on auto-pilot. An added bonus is that it works with Twitter users as well. Pretty handy, right?
  • Use what you see to improve your content. Give your competitors’ pages a scroll and try to notice some patterns. Some posts will necessarily have much higher engagement than the others. Analyze and try see what’s behind that. Maybe it’s the hashtags they’re using or the set-up of the content or the style of the description. Whatever it might be, you’re bound to find something relevant that will help you boost your content.
  • Do your best to figure out where exactly is their traffic coming from, since there just might be a source you didn’t even know exists. One way you can look into that is with SimilarWeb. It will tell you where are your competitors advertising, so you can go ahead and try the platforms you weren’t using before and see how is that working out. Another platform that could help you learn more about competitors’ campaigns is WhatRunsWhere.
  • Look your competition up on Twitter. People are very likely to use Twitter as a platform of choice when they want to point out something they’re unhappy about, meaning you’ll get great insight what is the thing that your competitor’s following is frustrated about. From here you can go two ways: you can either approach them and explain that you can offer a solution to their issue or address the topic in your content. For example, if you see people are bothered by a specific problem, make sure you elegantly point out you’re taking care of that.steal traffic from competitors

Don’t be afraid to get a bit aggressive in this endeavor, it’s a competitive world out there and everyone is trying to stay on top of the game. Luckily, there are tools and tactics mentioned above that will make this easier than ever before to get well ahead of your competition.

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6 thoughts on “6 Ways to Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic

  1. Hi there,
    I did an archie trial last year but unfortunately didn’t take much notice of the experience.

    I have a few questions;

    Does archie ‘like’ posts for you?

    Does archie comment one photos for you, and if so, what sort of comments are they?

    Is there a way to determine which followers have been gained through archie compared to those naturally discovering your account?

    Do you send out invoices for your services?


    1. Hi Penny, thanks for reaching out! Archie does indeed like posts for you, and it does so based on the criteria that you put in, meaning only relevant material will be liked. Archie doesn’t however comment on pictures. We like things nice and natural, so liking is the only form of interaction we provide. Also, you’ll be able to learn more about the followers you gained through the analytics feature that are integrated in Archie. If there is anything else we can help you with feel free to reach out. Cheers!

    1. This hugely depends on the hashtags and users you decide to target. Different audiences have very different levels of engagement. I suggest you go ahead and sign up for the free trial to get a gist of how things work.

  2. Hi there, this is probably unrelated but I recently got my brother to join Archie so i’m now paying for 2 premium accounts but i paid 1 week after i paid for my premium account which means i paid double to use archie this month. I was hoping to get it refunded so that i’m only paying once for each account…ive sent a ticket but haven’t received any reply…

    1. Hi Stephanie! Great to hear you’re happy with Archie and recommending it to friends and family! Would you please message us on Facebook, so that the support team can have a look and help you out? Thanks!

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