March is the trypod month, so we thought why not show some love and try a pod!

If you haven’t been living under a rock chances are you’re familiar with podcasts. And they’re hotter than ever these days. Just think, how many times you’ve signed up for a course or a webinar already knowing you won’t have time to sit there and go through the whole thing?

Podcasts allow you to listen to great content and get inspired, learn new skills, be entertained and everything in between. And all of that could be done on the go – while you commute, wait in line, go for a walk, before bed, anywhere anytime really.

Whatever your interests might be, chances are there are a few dozens of great podcasts to keep you entertained. So, here’s a thorough rundown of the best ones when it comes to social media and brand building:

Two social media marketing pros sit down in a local coffee shop once a week and have a conversation about the hot new trends in the space. It’s different from a lot of the other podcasts in a sense that it covers social media and tech news and updates, rather than things that are more broad and commonly known. Highly recommended if you’re looking for easily digestible bits and bobs of the hottest trends!

marketing over coffee podcast

An award winning podcast by Salesforce where top marketing experts give straight forward tips and tricks you could and should implement into your online marketing efforts whether you’re a CMO or a small marketer that’s running a one-man show.

cloudcast marketing podcast

Simply put, this is your one stop shop for all things internet related. It tackles top trends from all over the web as well as the ways internet intertwines with how we live our lives. You’ll never again miss any internet trend that everyone but you seems to be talking about. Their tagline “a show about the internet” really sums it up perfectly.

reply all podcast

Another one perfectly summed up by their tagline – a podcast for real people doing real work in social media. The up and coming marketer, Jay Bear and Adam Brown off of Salesforce, tackle all the crucial aspects of being in business of social media. They make sure to provide just the right concoction of technical topics and more general thoughts and opinions. Guaranteed to inspire you to take your social media skills up a notch!

social pros podcast

A business pioneer, Sonia Simone, delivers perfectly actionable and well thought through insights from the industry she’s been a part of for years and years. Authoritative, opinionated, yet humble and honest, Sonia lays it all out there in a comprehensive and structured way. She’ll make you re-think everything you’ve ever done when it comes to amping up your social presence in the best way possible.

lede podcast

The guy behind a few multi-million dollars companies’ success answers real questions from real people in each episode. He’s straight forward, he’s engaging, he’s helpful, he selflessly tries to share his knowledge and experience through answering questions that are pretty much on everyone’s mind.

gary vee podcast

If you’re more interested in specific social media channels here are some shows that you’ll want to check out:

Facebook: Social Media Pubcast

If you’re a Facebook marketer, you cannot afford to miss out on this one. Facebook marketing guru, Jon Loomer, goes for a beer to a pub and has a conversation about everything and anything you might have ever wanted to know about advertising on Facebook.

Twitter: #TwitterSmarter

A never-ending series of interviews with the greatest Twitter influencers which will help you get all the necessary insights about upping your Twitter game and reaching as many people as you possibly can on this platform.

Instagram: Hahstagged

Here you’ll be able to hear interviews with members of the Instagram community on weekly basis. If you’re an Instagram marketer, infuencer, or simply an aficionado, you should definitely not miss a chance on getting a closer look into what makes Instagram “not just an app”. The author, Jordan Power, aspires to understand what is it within this community that makes it as strong as it is.

Pinterest: Manly Pinterest Tips

Not only is Pinterest not only for women, but it can be super manly too! The host, Jeff Sieh, decided he could no longer tolerate seeing Pinterest be this amazing platform for driving traffic to your website and not having single place where you can find all the information needed to succeed in it. He’s sharing everything you need to know if you’re looking to nail your Pinterest game.

(P.S. Did you know that Arhie’s makers have a Pinterest tool as well? Oh, yeah… Check it out here.)

That’s all, folks! Don’t forget to show support for the wonderful media channel of podcast on social media with #trypod during the month of March and if there are any other podcasts you absolutely love that aren’t mentioned here, do share them in the comments. Happy listening!

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